loophoof – We Will (ROKII Remix) | Future Bass

(You can listen to LoopHoof’s classic here)
LoopHoof’s original tune is true to the term “High energy” Its full of fun vocal chops and a D&B beat that is addictive to dance too. There really nothing more to say as it speaks for itself, This remix by ROKii however. It’s special in its own way. ROKii extends the song to over 7 minutes long of amazing transitions of Loophoof’s classic. Each time it changes.s its a different melody that displays different styles of how the sound of the song can be done in. The catch is that it’s done so smoothly by keeping at the how the original sounds The nice vocal chops are spread out throughout the track. It sounds so epic with each switch. The song has this epic but relaxing feel to it. This is something I would listen too if I needed a pick me up. I put this up there with some of my favorite remixes I’ve heard so far since joining Horse Music Herald.




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