Dizzy Inmotion – Dance For Me | Hip-Hop

This groovy track brought to you by Dizzy Inmotion is like hanging out a tavern with a fireplace after a long day. You’re sipping booze with your best mates, hitting up the bartender and staring blankly at the live singer on stage with his deadpan drummer in the background. Over in the corner of your blurring vision, you see the resident dancer getting ready to get on stage, so you shout to her, your semi-drunken voice echoing throughout the dimly lit tavern, “Hey girl! Dance for me!”
It’s a song about getting laid, basically, like every other hip-hop songs. However, I do like the soundscape the artist built for your imagination. If you ever played as Primrose in Octopath Travelers, you will know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, you will not be disappointed when you click the play button. Great job, Dizzy!

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