[P@D] Quadrivia & MEQA – Paroxysm | Complextro

Been quite a while since I heard something like this from the fandom. Is this a Ponies at Dawn release or is this a Monstercat release? Honestly, I couldn’t really tell if you just played this track without telling me that it’s pony themed. In fact, I would be like, “No way, you are kidding me.”
Seriously, fandom music has grown so much over the years. Maybe I’m just out of the loop for too long but this outstanding Complextro track from Quadrivia and MEQA really blew my mind. It’s got all the chops (pun intended) of electro house and glitch hop, which means it’s super dance-able and sounds not just what you would expect but more: a piece of electrifying ear candy. Give it a listen, it’s sure to get your heart pumping in no time.
Also while we’re at it, you should totally check out Ponies at Dawn’s new album, Eternal! If this is the standard we’re going off on, it is on track to be one of the best albums ever put out by the label.


Daniel Ingram – Being Big is All It Takes (Rod Steven Remix) | Eurobeat

Not going to lie, I have a huge weak spot for Eurobeat. I started my horse journey with Eurobeat Brony and I am so happy to hear another Eurobeat remix before the fandom loses its steam. The stabs, the synth solo and the energy, it’s just so upbeat and cheery. The song is already swinging to begin with, this takes that euphoric emotion for a drift around the town. Go ahead and have a listen, you will not regret it. Kudos to Rod Steven for this wonderful remix!


Dizzy Inmotion – Dance For Me | Hip-Hop

This groovy track brought to you by Dizzy Inmotion is like hanging out a tavern with a fireplace after a long day. You’re sipping booze with your best mates, hitting up the bartender and staring blankly at the live singer on stage with his deadpan drummer in the background. Over in the corner of your blurring vision, you see the resident dancer getting ready to get on stage, so you shout to her, your semi-drunken voice echoing throughout the dimly lit tavern, “Hey girl! Dance for me!”
It’s a song about getting laid, basically, like every other hip-hop songs. However, I do like the soundscape the artist built for your imagination. If you ever played as Primrose in Octopath Travelers, you will know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, you will not be disappointed when you click the play button. Great job, Dizzy!


Vylet Pony – Familiar Feelings (feat. Chi Chi) | Chill Hop

I’m sure everyone of us have been there at least once. Feeling the sense of déjà vu,  or the feeling that you’ve lost something precious to you that you can’t ever get back. Vylet Pony’s new track, Familiar Feelings captures those feelings all too well. Without spoiling the story of song too much, here is a rhetorical question: Have you lost a good friend before, due to any disagreements and only find out after the fact that it’s too late to make amends?
Chi Chi’s voice acting and vocals goes perfectly with the overall emotional undertones of the song. It’s almost as if you are experiencing the drama unfold right beside the familiar characters you’ve known and loved. Go give this a listen, and have some paper towels nearby. Excellent work from Vylet Pony and Chi Chi yet again!


∆•RYZ – Now Is The Time | Happy Hardcore

So many feelings rushing towards you at once. It’s nostalgia, memories of hanging out with old friends, and the sense that horse is ending but it’s only the beginning of your own journey, as you grew up with the show, forged friendships as you learnt how to be a better human being. Just like the Flutters in the cover art, you are carefree and winging it for whatever comes next down the road. Also this is a really great song to dance to. DeltaRYZ (stylised as ∆•RYZ) has come a long way as a musician, we congratulate them on achieving 500 subs and encourages everyone to go and support them and watch as they strive towards new heights!


Daniel Ingram – Being Big is All It Takes (Toby Macarony Remix) | Happy Hardcore / Electro Swing

Toby Macarony is probably my favourite pony musician so I might be slightly biased towards his works, but you have to give this one a listen! It’s energetic and just bursting with happiness, even if it starts off kind of chaotic. In my opinion, it perfectly captures the feeling of when you first turned into a teenager. The vocal chops mixed in during the halfway point of the song is a nice touch and amplifies the euphoric feeling of the track. In typical Toby fashion, there’s sharp, Eurobeat-style techno stabs throughout the song, with a really sweet jazzy saxophone melody to act as a bridge to close out the song.  This is a track that’s sure to brighten up your day!


Frozen Night – Crescentiform (feat. Velvet R. Wings) | Orchestral / Symphonic Metal


Epic battle theme time? I think it’s epic battle theme time. 

Just imagine, you’re just a Kirin, walking a lonesome path along the outer boundaries of the forest surrounding your village in the dwindling twilight. Suddenly, you are attacked by some strange creatures as they come at you from the forest, blasting you with magic bursts. You leap to evade their attacks and fires back, blinding them with your own magic. The battle won’t end until either you fall in battle, or when you’ve defeated them all in defense of your village. 

This track gives me a very “Child of Light”-ish vibe, in a good way, of course. The soft but intense orchestral instruments blends with the strong electric guitar riffs to become one amazing treat for the listener with an adventurous ear. Kudos for Frozen Night and Velvet R. Wings for delivering this amazing track!


General Mumble – Perfect (Toby Macarony Remix) | Dark Ambient / Electro Swing

Now, I know it’s a little too early for Halloween. However, if you feel like getting the spookies on before everyone else, you may do your decorations to this track! The dark, gloomy industrial overtones, coupled with interesting vocal effects on “This Day Aria”, which is kind of a signature of this particular artist, makes for an intensely creepy yet strangely satisfying experience. All in all, another great remix from Toby Macarony!
Also, check out the album which this remix is part of here.


Tw3Lv3 & Koron Korak – I Hear The Birds Singing | Orchestral / Drum & Bass

For those of you who want to start your day on a softer note, or those who want to wind down after a long day, this Orchestral DnB track  that came out of a collaboration between Tw3Lv3 and Koron Korak is sure to perk you up either way. It gives you a feeling of serenity and moderate excitement by combining the mellow sounds of the piano and the pumping beat of the drums. There are no vocals in this track, so just focus on the music and relax!