Alexey Kotlyar – Driven | Soundtrack

Today is Nightmare Night, and what better way to celebrate it than with a song that perfectly suits the mood? This one hits the creepy mark in all the right places, starting off with a somber collection of bells and strings that weave in and out of tune after a small passage of time.

A minute in, a stronger collection of strings play, joined by a tense group of percussion and a piano, all coming together to create something truly terrifying. 30 seconds go by, and everything calms down again.

The combination of just a piano and some strings forms a calming atmosphere, but soon enough, they both begin to lower in pitch, bringing the sense of dread back full force to the listener before only amplifying it with the return of the percussion and dissonant strings.

The track closes out with a cacophonous chorus of a piano and an organ, eventually fading out just like a flame from a candle. As if that wasn’t enough, an unsettling image of Twilight staring towards the viewer is the sole visual piece throughout the video, only further adding to the creepy atmosphere. This’ll be one Nightmare Night to remember!


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