Tripon – Ascension | Neurofunk

Though the track had been released almost a year ago as part of the Equestrian Raves EP, it gets a YouTube release just now with some stunning visuals to go along with it. Tripon’s work of art underwent significant changes in terms of interpretation, now being not solely about Twilight’s coronation as the princess of friendship, but also about her assumption of the role of leader of Equestria, perhaps represented respectively by the first and the second drop. Said mind-blowing drops are interwoven with satisfying leads during the buildups and outro, and the middle-section includes some of that Neuro magic Tripon is a master of. Trading his signature ominous style for a more regal or divine one, this track is a tribute to the community and the show’s ending, and judging by the description, there’s still plenty of where that came from.


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