DAϟH – This B**** Got Tentacle Hair | Breakcore / Speedcore

Made for the second race of the DustCar project, this Mane-iac-inspired song is a hardcore gem. Like a geode containing many marvels, DAϟH’s tune has loads of interesting and unique elements. Its kick is powerful and sounds perfect for the speedcore sections, but its melodic aspect isn’t lacking in quality either. The Mane-iac’s vocals were sampled too and put to good use. Speaking of sampling, the work on the breaks is also remarkable. DAϟH is finding his voice and style and it’s wonderful to see. Don’t forget to check out his and Cloudbeat‘s (aka Payyn) set from the Burning Mare 3 music festival.


[Equinity] Proto_ssin – Should I | Liquid Drum & Bass

This version differs slightly from that found on Equinity 03: Breach where it was originally released and better displays what the producer had in mind. Proto_ssin’s concept is better explained in their own words: “Luna has trouble fitting in. [This is] an untold story of when she visited her Nighmare Moon statue, [as she gained] thoughts. What do you think those thoughts are”? This backstory is lost in a stream chat from months ago yet shines light on the creative choices taken, and in particular the glitchy ending. That story is told using reflective melodies and plucks as well as great drum sample choices.


Neu KatalYst – C R A Y O N S | EBM

Fandom veteran Neu KatalYst produced a song for Pinkamena Party’s latest album: FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY. This track is impressive, especially considering it is their first published in this genre. Sections featuring headbang-inducing drums and a heavy bassline are linked together by glitchy transitions. On top of that are vocals about the power of creation given by crayons with a particularly catchy chorus.


RedSpark – Dreamweaver | House

Princess Luna keeps inspiring artists of all kinds. RedSpark’s ability to make orchestral music and EDM is impressive and here they showcased their skills at making the latter with a song about the awe-inspiring Princess of the night. As always RedSpark utilizes orchestral elements nonetheless with strings and a beautiful piano bit in the middle section after the first drop. Fun chords and happy melodies also play their part in making this overall uplifting and catchy tune.


RedSpark – The letter and a journey ahead | Orchestral

Endeavors both literary and musical at the same time are scarce, but always appreciated. This kind of art piece is precisely what Red Spark began with their fanfiction and symphonic poem A tale of Starlight. “The letter and a journey ahead” is the second movement of the symphony, meant to be played while reading “Information and the Journey ahead,” the second chapter of the fanfiction. Taking inspiration from film scores, Red Spark depicts the fears of Starlight and Trixie embarking on their journey, but also their excitement as the song becomes brighter halfway through.


SDreamExplorerS – Ildy pad Ružovymi Kryłami (feat. Velvet R. Wings, Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

SDreamExplorerS or Soul Strings is about to release a new album, Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia, a folk metal album with vocals in Belarussian and the third part of the Ephemeral circle. It will release on the 28th of August, but pre-orders are available. Alternatively, bandcamp will cut out its fees on the 4th of September, which is a great opportunity to support awesome artists like SDreamExplorerS. This track is a single from the upcoming album. As per usual from him, there’s a lot to listen to in the song, including plenty of acoustic intruments like Koron Korak‘s violin or the dulcimer programmed by Pavel Lipski, all professionaly mixed. And as always, Velvet R. Wings and Soul Strings’ vocals work together beautifully despite being polar opposites, each vocalist getting a solo part too.


[P@D] Francis Vace & Koa – Pegasissy | Pop Punk

“Pegasissy” is one of the many Koa collabs from Ponies at Dawn Ignite. Here, she teamed up with Francis Vace and together they retold Fluttershy’s struggle to gain self-confidence. The assertiveness in Koa’s voice could not be more fitting and the layering with Francis’ backing vocals works like a charm. The guitar, the bassline and the drum fills are on point and responsible for half of what makes the track so catchy, the other one being the vocal melodies. The fact that Koa draws the background art for nearly all her Ponies at Dawn tracks is also a really nice touch.


Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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r_chase – Stay Fresh, Unicorn | Hardtek

The Equestrian Terror Corps label keeps helping to get the word out about quality music from underrepresented genres, this time with a single by r_chase. The entrancing pounding kick and the sirens come with tight breakbeats and make for a track that definitely would be played at Ponyville’s greatest free parties. On top of being a perfect introduction to the genre it is ultimately a very enjoyable listen.


[Equinity] Voltex Pixel & Tw3Lv3 – Fresh Glamour | House

The new Equinity album: Equinity 03: Breach is here, and with it tons of awesome music including Fresh Glamour, a Starlight-inspired track by two newer and talented musicians. This mix is slightly different from the one on the album, it differs by size and structure and the break made by Tw3Lv3 comes earlier in the track. While the album version was more progressive this one seems to have undergone changes thanks to Greyfade‘s input.