Marcus Warner – Reprise | EP | Orchestral

The artist formerly known as Evening Star has returned under his real name, Marcus Warner. As a thank you to the fans who’ve been there for him since day one as well as a tribute to the show itself, he’s put together Reprise, an EP full of ES tracks from way back then, remastered and reimagined in an epic orchestral style. Along with him are a number of guest vocalists and musicians, such as Brione Jackson, who provides live cello to the tracks Octavia and To Build an Army, and Rory Sherman, who in addition to taking part in choir vocals across the EP, also shows off his skills with the flute. In terms of stand out tracks, Starswirl the Bearded definitely hits a high note with its strong atmosphere crafted by a dark choir alongside a viola before building up to add punchy drums and plenty of epic string progressions to top it off. Land of Equestria – the EP’s closer and sole lyrical track – was originally produced a year ago and features fandom musicians Silver Note and Sterling Fusion on vocals. Now it’s back, and with a new beautiful orchestral coat of paint. This EP is nothing short of amazing, and a beautiful way to pay tribute to the show that brought us all together and will continue to inspire. Thanks for the memories, Marcus!


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