Vylet Pony – The Magic Show | Pop

We’ve got ourselves a treat here. Track 19 from the upcoming Queen of Misfits is a 10 minute long three-part pop track revolved around Trixie’s desire to be the center of attention, while also hiding her anxieties behind a metaphorical mask. On Your Knees is laid-back and features soft, glitzy synths alongside a simple yet powerful beat and Vylet’s beautiful voice. After fading out, the song transitions into an 80s inspired interlude with a piano and string combination, before jumping into The Moment, an uptempo segment reminiscent of early-mid 2000s trance. Seamlessly transitioning into the final segment, Thrill of the Fight, we hear more of Vylet’s typical style that comes full circle with its lyrical themes, borrowing the hook from On Your Knees and closing out with a synth solo and the familiar piano and string combo from earlier before fading out naturally. Queen of Misfits comes out on Hearth’s Warming Day, so be on the look out!


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