[P@D] Forest Rain – Chrissy (Nightmare Mode) (feat. Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind) | Punk Rock

Track 4 from the fresh Ponies at Dawn: Echoes as well as one of the exclusive tracks from the album, Forest Rain appears on the P@D catalogue for the second time with a new version of her song Chrissy! Enlisting the help of Cyril the Wolf and Whirlwind on bass and drums, they’ve all come together to recreate the track, making it feel more in vein of The End of the World. It begins with a new intro featuring spoken word over an organ before jumping right into the song with a new key, stronger drums and truly menacing vocals. To add to that, the rhythm section gets a chance to truly shine, especially Whirlwind, who shows some amazing drum chops in a brief yet memorable drum solo. Easily one of the stand-out tracks on this new release!

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