Thrasher – Evolution | Industrial Metal

After a long wait, it’s finally here. Track 1 from Thrasher’s newly-released album Welcome to Insanity is an ominous electronic opener that perfectly sets the tone for the album. The first half builds up an amazing atmosphere with a dark synth pad that fades in and descends, coupled by the image of countless changeling eyes, almost as if you’re being surrounded. A minute in, the moon rises into view and soon enough, the sound of a constant kick drum in front of some driving bass can be heard as if it’s being played inside a club, before quickly becoming more audible. As the guitar joins, the sky seems to flash with colours as if the changeling hive’s just decided to start up a rave. However, after a computerised voice says “Welcome to Insanity”, we’re met with a vision of the album’s artwork followed by a change into Thrasher’s typical style of metal mixed with electronic elements. The drums sound clean and powerful and the guitar riffs and lead behind it really add to the dark mood introduced. Despite its short length, what this track sets out to do is purely amazing. And this is only the opening track!

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