Brilliant Venture – Ponies Think Sometimes Differently | Electronica

Never have I ever experienced such a dreamlike intwinement of orchestral, rock, and electronica elements before. In this song, Brilliant Venture expertly pairs a crunchy guitar with a warm, gated synth; a pizzicato violin with bowed strings and nature’s own ambience; a detuned, string-like synth with the song’s end. Brilliant Venture then varnishes the song with tight drums and the most bittersweet vocal chops, gluing it together perfectly. No matter what home is to you, this song will bring you to it. For me, despite having a long-running love of electronic music, the huge cushions of bowed strings bring me there. The only other thing I could ask out of this song is for it to be expanded into a huge, 10-minute long electronica project, for this song truly is a brilliant venture.


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