Spikey Wikey – Loudmouth VIP | Dubstep

Louder! Louder! Louder, is the sentiment of this recent release from the proficient producer/musician Spikey Wikey. Acting as a VIP for a former piece by him, this piece, once again, reaches the boundaries of connection between sound design and rhythm. Heavy dynamics and a subtle yet familiar and fluttery voice also contribute to the utter sleaze of this tunage. Dirty and hard is this dubstep track, yet it’s not absent of melodies in its second half. The original piece from which this sick number was made is a tune inspired by the classic two-step psychedelic dubstep style, yet this variation finds a way to modernize that ditty into a cutting-edge definition of dubstep. This is truly the intent of a remix, to transform something into something else entirely whilst retaining its image. Also, be sure to keep a look out for Spikey Wikey’s upcoming EP, Wavetable Wizard, which this tune originates from.


Budzy – Marshmallow (BeatSpark Remix) | Dubstep

Invigorating is this dastardly tune that is BeatSpark’s remix of Marshmallow by Budzy! BeatSpark has taken the bouncy house attitude of the original piece by Budzy and created a heavy and dark, yet still recognizable variation. The chord implications and melodies are still present, but the offbeat 909 hi-hats and claps are now pounding kicks and reverberant snares in two-step, garnished by supersaws and heavy growls. Such an apt interpretation of a Ponies at Dawn piece no doubt deserves to be jammed to.


Pinkamena Party – FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY | Compilation Album | Breakcore

Ladies ‘n’ gents, prepare yourself mentally, for an event regarding Pinkamena Party Crew’s new release, FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY! And what better way to peruse this album’s contents than to let the familiar name and voice of Venetian Snares guide you through the first track, Venetian Snares Teaches Fluttershy the Magic of Breakcore by Fetlocked? Fluttershy’s melodic lines in the aforementioned piece is immediately followed by the ambient, electronica-esque track first time under by cataidana & Enny Gima. For more of that sweet electronica nectar, follow up first time under with the Downtempo track Anti Depressants by Srgt. Moon. If noise is in your roster, check out the ambient noise track Feeding Antoine by So?ing Machine. Satisfy your natural cravings for syncopation with the Think-Break-populated, frantic masterpiece HACKD HAS BEEN TRAPPED IN A TIME LOOP SINCE BUCK 2014 AND LIFE & DEATH HAVE LOST ALL MEANING FOR HE SHALL KNOW THE RELIEF OF NEITHER by mycutiemarkisagun. Personally, I think the song would fare better with a longer title, but to each their own. Speaking of length, Heart & Blood by Xinovah is an eleven minute long piece containing haunting, goosepimple-giving melodies, lively gabber kicks, and even more hectic rhythms. To cut up the poignancy of Heart and Blood, you can subsequently listen to Kakofonous A. Dischord delete a message from a toy shop employee. And there is no better way to conclude the mania of the 29-track beaut that is this album, than to listen to asmr tea party with a magician by 16194. As always, proceeds from this album are donated to a worthy cause. This time around, it’s various organizations fighting for racial justice in the U.S.


Hearse Percy (feat. ThatMusicBrony) – Unwind (PegasYs Remix) | Glitch Hop

In season with summer, PegasYs introduces a remix of a piece from his duo with Faulty. PegasYs has utilized the house elements of the original to create a commending glitch-hop tune, with an emphasis on hop! The original consists of a fantastically dubious artist’s name and romantic vocal work from ThatMusicBrony. PegasYs’s remix ushers in the heftiest of wubs along with the sunny addition of steel drums. After the aforementioned wubs, the tune slowly reverberates and bit-crushes itself out of existence, leaving you with the temptation of the replay button.


[ETC] DAϟH – Discorded Ponyville | Speedcore

Dark starts this sick and speedy new tune from DAϟH. Spick and span from the fairly recent compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville is this speedcore tune, containing mind-bending fast rhythms and voice samples from Discord that truly connects this piece with its title. This collage of chaos, this frenzied assembly, this hoard of discord, will surely set ablaze any rave floor you play it for! Also, I’m extremely excited to see the future of Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville!


[ETC] Spikey Wikey – Facts and Figures VIP | Hardcore

A V.I.P. so clean you could eat off of it! There’s nothing more intriguing in a piece like Facts and Figures than a traditional techno kick and the “Think Break.” And the curiosity gradually pays off with the filtered introduction of a smooth legato synth playing melodies in minor. The saw bass and vocal samples combine to create a truly beautiful and ominous atmosphere. And what better follow-up to that atmosphere is there than heavy gabber kicks, an industrial snare, and the sweet varnish of glitches? Then there exists an awesome implementation of vocals from The Failure Song to take you back to the goosebump-giving atmosphere of the introduction. This is honestly one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Spikey Wikey, and who could expect any less from a track included in the great compilation album Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville?


[The Rest of Our Lives] Mathematicus & And the Rainfall – The End Of The World | Electronica

Somber and dark begins this ballad from the community veterans Mathematicus & And the Rainfall. Minimal, ambient noises and the beautiful raw sound of one guitar then acts as the backbone of the first verse. This seven-minute masterpiece consists of endlessly progressive and complex collages of electronic sounds characterized by a beat-heavy rhythm and refreshing modulations. And not to mention, this piece has one of the most poetic and understated outros I’ve ever listened to. Along with that, this song is a part of the compilation album The Rest of Our Lives. All proceeds gained from the album go toward coronavirus relief.


[P@D] MEQA – Null | Neurohop

With an ambient and grand curtain-raiser as the intro, this neurohop track titled Null is a tasteful manifestation of rhythm and neuro-styled sound design. Slow and heavy is the name of the game in the presence of MEQA’s progressions, and before the last beat-heavy section of this piece is an ambiance that is as sonically intimidating as it is suspenseful. This opus also befittingly has a spot on the great Ponies at Dawn album, Ignite! Enjoy!


[The Rest of Our Lives] Tw3Lv3 – Upgrades | Liquid Drum & Bass

With lush and spacious piano chords, this drum and bass track by Tw3Lv3 instantly gratifies the decision of listening. Along with being a track on the collaborative album The Rest of Our Lives, this song contains a monumentally atmospheric interlude to soothe you into the desire to keep listening before the excitement given by the thunderous sub-basses and rhythmic, invigorating drums leads you into another smooth few minutes of drums and bass. A reverberated lead synth appropriately leads out this eight-minute adventure that is titled Upgrades.


[The Rest of Our Lives] Freewave – Twilight Sleeps Loudly | Ambient

Freewave, as a collaborator in the album “The Rest of Our Lives”, brings you an ambient piece titled Twilight Sleeps Loudly. These three minutes of tranquility are remindful of the ambient heritage of Brian Eno. The zen in this piece comes from huge swells combined with pillows of noise, accompanied by echos of string sections. Proceeds from the album in which this piece is a soothsayer in go to coronavirus relief.