Nyancat380 – S.P.Y | Latin Jazz

Nyancat380 is back again, this time experimenting with a genre we don’t get enough of in this great fandom of ours: jazz! Specifically, Latin jazz. This dark, smooth Latin piece incorporates a muted bass, a collage of brass instruments, and of course, tons of Latin percussion. The song ends with overwhelmingly jazzy solos from the piece’s piano and brass elements.


Toby Macarony – AJ’s Muscles | Alternative Electronic

Pony prodigy Toby Macarony is back with a saxxy piece featured around Applejack. The piece includes vocal samples from Applejack, supersaws providing the main harmonic content, a four-on-the-floor drumbeat, and an epic slide guitar solo. An upright piano appropriately ends the song with an endlessly bluesy solo. And even better, the ominous stares of Applejack’s eyes accompany you through this song as it provides you with all your daily soloing needs.


Pinkamena Party – PONY DO ME | Compilation Album | Hardcore

Get ready for another lovely long play release by the notorious Pinkamena Party Crew! Released in celebration of this year’s Hearts and Hooves Day, this avid electronic collage contains 16 hardcore, gabber, and breakcore pieces. Jump right into it with the classic acidic gabber emotion of Dynamite Grizzly’s Genuine Pony Music. For flavors incorporating slightly more complex music theory, check out Pudding Vision by Neu KatalYst and 10 minutes is a long time by Facade of ages. For the addictive syncopations of the amen break along with a couple suggestive remarks, check out Enuna’s semi-serious track named Of Mares and Manchildren. Of course, an album of these stylistic themes wouldn’t be complete without some classic acid techno! For that aspect, listen to acid for twilight sparkle by aimaiiponyshitsu. In this album, Supersaw Hoover also reads a bittersweet goodbye to the Ponydome series in an ominous tone. And finally, Duskfall brings a wonderfully fitting close to the album with his sample-mangling song I WANNA BE WITH U. Once again, the PPC presents an electronic album fit for even the lightest electronic listeners. For the bigger fans of hardcore and breakcore, be careful, you might hurt yourself headbanging! And as always, proceeds from this album go to CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer.


DAϟH – Equestrian Terror | Gabber

Don’t let the rickety rhythms of the introductory ambience scare you, for this mad gabber piece takes on the literal meaning of Hardcore music. This piece also incorporates samples from multiple classic pony animations, such as the Rainbow Dash Presents series from Dawn Somewhere, and the .mov series from hotdiggedydemon. DAϟH makes this track a very good opener and title track for his and Payyn’s album Equestrian Terror: An Introduction. The album also includes songs from DAϟH such as Blood Moon in the Everfree, Dream Demon, and Deadline Darling.


DAϟH – Blood Moon in the Everfree | Gabber

“So mysterious” perfectly embodies the spirit of this half-ambient gabber tune by DAϟH. Taken straight off of DAϟH and Payyn’s new album Equestrian Terror: An Introduction, Blood Moon in the Everfree includes a ravenous beat composed of highly industrial drums and a woodwind sample, along with an ocean of ominous effects. DAϟH ends this manic piece by aptly pulling out all stops. DAϟH and Payyn’s album Equestrian Terror also includes songs like Deadline Darling, Dream Demon, and the title track Equestrian Terror.


[Equinity] Tw3Lv3 & Niłch’i Poni – Sea Stack | Liquid Drum & Bass

This rare Drumscape Library by Tw3lv3 and Niłch’i Poni is introduced with a collage of high-up plucks backed by continuous pads, faint electric piano, and flute sounds. After a monstrous drum fill to introduce the drums, the reins of the track are taken by vocal chops and spacious electric piano riffs. Then the song undergoes a steep interlude, to be brought back with the support of a massive reese-y bass. Tw3lv3 and Niłch’i Poni did a fantastic job of combining an atmospheric liquid Drum & Bass tone and a deep Neurofunk-like tone in this song, which also has a well-earned spot on the Equinity 02: Catalyst compilation album.


Brilliant Venture – Ponies Think Sometimes Differently | Electronica

Never have I ever experienced such a dreamlike intwinement of orchestral, rock, and electronica elements before. In this song, Brilliant Venture expertly pairs a crunchy guitar with a warm, gated synth; a pizzicato violin with bowed strings and nature’s own ambience; a detuned, string-like synth with the song’s end. Brilliant Venture then varnishes the song with tight drums and the most bittersweet vocal chops, gluing it together perfectly. No matter what home is to you, this song will bring you to it. For me, despite having a long-running love of electronic music, the huge cushions of bowed strings bring me there. The only other thing I could ask out of this song is for it to be expanded into a huge, 10-minute long electronica project, for this song truly is a brilliant venture.


[Equinity] TPressleyJ – Brohoofdab (feat. ShobieShy) | Dubstep

As featured on the Equinity 02: Catalyst compilation album, TPressleyJ and ShobieShy deliver a vibrant dubstep track straight to your door. Get braced by a collage of plucks in the beginning. The well-renowned kick and snare of modern dubstep punch its way in afterward, accompanied by fat, detuned saws. Soon, those saws and drums will fade out, introducing a vocal line that is hard to say anything about. That vocal line again leads into a motley of frequency modulated and bit-crushed basses that are split into two sections, one with the complex sound of classic dubstep, and one inspired by the most rhythmic riddim dubstep tracks. There’s no doubting this song will deliver a frenzied tone wherever you are! Use cautiously.


Toby Macarony – Shiny Ponies | Chiptune

Introduce yourself to the Macarony’s new chiptune track with a flamboyant and sparkling intro made of synth brass. After an upbeat pixelated bridge, succumb to the creamy interlude, which builds you up to its chorus of vocal chops over even more brassy chords. Be guided through this frenzied chiptune piece with its action-signaling tom-tom fills! Stay for the last few bars and you’ll find an even wider chorus of vocals over even thicker synth brasses, ending the song perfectly.


SmD House – Finding Yourself | Orchestral / Chillout

Mellow pizzicato string plucks start out this soothing piece by SmD House. They are soon to be accompanied by a piano and harmonious single-note violins under a pulsating drum line. Occasionally, very occasionally, there is a deep, dark, filtered synth line peering into the track that starts playing before the drums cut out. But before you miss the drums for too long, they come back over an even more harmoniously stacked sound. The only thing regrettable thing about listening to Finding Yourself is that it ends, and that can easily be solved with the loop button!