Viricide Filly – This Place Will Never Let Me Leave | Album | Experimental / House

Viricide Filly brings around a brand new and brilliantly experimental album named This Place Will Never Let Me Leave. Introduce yourself with the title track, a melodic exposition that shows to you the noisy ambitions and grainy invasions of the album. Stick around for the trance-like air and eerie vocal samples of Face Your Fears, You’ll Disappear and All As Small As You, the sinister, silent, and uncannily ambient finisher On the Other Side of the City, and the crunch of the melodies in Glacia Maxima. Eleanor’s Elegy, acting as my personal favorite on the album, incorporates intricate rhythms and piercingly melodic chords. Industrial influences run strong with this one, especially with the track climbingclimbingclimbingCLIMBING. Such influences make it very reminiscent of witch house. This album also includes a consistent narrative to it, shown by the artist’s description and naming. If you wish for a refreshing interpretation of house music, I’ve no doubt this album will satisfy any of those yearnings.

Editor’s note: Also check out the mane album Yet Sightless!


[ASOS] Lavender Harmony – First Impressions | Liquid Drum & Bass

Lavender Harmony presents a new celestial DnB track, deservingly compiled on the A State of Sugar: Waffle compilation album. The frequencies contained in this rare Drumscape Library release include tense synth swells, watery piano hits, and shakingly harmonic sub-basses. With a foundation of swift but soft drums, this splattering, smashing, fluid DnB piece serves as a fantastic precursor to Lavender Harmony’s album Daydreams, queued for later this year.


[ASOS] Tripon – Stars and Swirls | Drum & Bass

From the new A State of Sugar compilation album comes a brand new DnB original. Familiarize yourself with a passively pleasuring exposition introducing you to the hefty neuro basses of this roller. Serene atmospheres are not lacking in this track either, with the clouds of ethereal pads abundant in the intro and outro. Decorated with vast reverbs and nippy drums, this piece won’t be out of place for any bass-manic electronic fans!


Rusty – Equestria i Tiden | Indie Pop

Equestria i Tiden is an extremely intriguing song incorporating both English and Swedish lyrics. With a prelude of pan flute and nylon guitar, the song sets itself up for a surprising change of pace. The drums barge in and the synths provide a shining change of atmosphere, then to go back to its origin of background noise and pan flute. And the end of the song provides one of the most captivating choruses that I have heard recently. No second will bore you with this riveting, stylish piece by Rusty!


Night Symphony – Mistmane | Orchestral

Settle your day with this orchestral piece by Night Symphony! Characterized by soothing harps set astray by blaring brass, and the graceful piano and bowed strings which provide an elegant foundation. The spatial percussion provides a tense interlude and epic theme to the choruses later in the song. The Japanese folk influence and the fact that Campfire Tales was released just over 2 years ago now makes this the perfect tribute to Mistmane. Feel free to listen if you’re up for a copiously tranquil morning, noon, or night!


[NSN] Hoofy – Nightmare Fuel | Riddim

Serving as the 3rd track on the Never Say Neigh compilation album, this compound of Trap and Riddim precipitates a headbang session. It incorporates a trap-influenced introduction complete with unsparingly rhythmic hi-hats until a breakdown of vigorous drums and rolling basses. Stick around for the two surges of rhythm that Hoofy bestows upon us, and while you’re at it, check out the rest of the brilliant NSN album, too!


[ASOS] Jalmaan – Cascade | Progressive House

Ahoy! A brand new grand convoy of splendid house music awaits! Frictionless synths build a sincere atmosphere, and almighty leads gleam among these musically interesting harmonies. Sway along to this emotionally resonating cascade that Jalmaan donates. Now promoted by the ASOS: Waffle compilation album, there’s no reason not to listen to this cathartic progressive house ballad!


[NSN] AJ Young – Old School | Riddim / Dubstep

Reminisce on old memories enough recently? If you said no, perfect! Have I got the ditty for you! Fresh off the new Never Say Neigh compilation album, AJ Young introduces a song including the quintessential sampling of old fandom standards topped with modern dubstep trends. If you said yes, not to worry because nostalgia will always purge your veins, no matter the walk of life you are in. So there’s no reason not to yield to the turbulent hard-hitter that is AJ Young’s Old School!


Royalpony – Illusion (feat. Achievehunter1) | Hardstyle

Peer back into the final days of BronyCon with a studio version of a BronyPalooza 2019 original. Royalpony and Achievehunter1 grant melodious synths, impactful claps, and striding basses in this stirring hardstyle anthem. The elegant supersaws and faring vocals give it it’s awe-inspiring quality, and the timbre-instilled basses bring upon a cathartic, ravenous style suited for the dancefloor. For anybody who was there, it will serve as a beacon of BronyCon’s legacy for as long as this fandom lives. And for anybody who wasn’t, it still serves as a worthy listen for all electronic fans!


[ASOS] Niłch’i Poni – Tàu Kỳ Lân | Neuro Hop

Piano, Neurofunk, and minimalism was a combination I never thought was possible until now. Enjoy an order of motif-loving piano and huge synth stabs, with a side order of Neurofunk-styled drums, and an extra bassy drink paid for by the courteous Nilch’i Pony and served to you by the Waffle branch of the A State of Sugar team. Speaking more on the last part of that semi-serious sentence, this piece holds a spot on the 38 track compilation album ASOS, and it’s no doubt well-deserved.