JoinedTheHerd – Faith | Chillout

Wow I have been gone for a bit and I am sorry about that. But I return to action with a song of pure bliss from JTH. This song invites you to join Fluttershy under the stars, in the meadows of equestria. The smooth relaxing chill beats of this track will have you right with her. You’ll be telling her you deepest throughs. You’ll feel all the stress leave you as she listens to you talk. The song honestly is deep and will ease any anxiety of your day. Just like Fluttershy would do to anyone who is stressed out. She’ll give you faith that you can do anything. JTH’s sound continues to amaze me. It’s wonderful to know not only does he put out great remixes but original music as well. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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