4EverfreeBrony – Life Outside (A Fandom Anthem) (feat. BlackGryph0n, Aviators, dBPony, Luna Jax, MEMJ0123, Poni1Kenobi, MantaTsubasa & PrinceWhateverer) | Alternative Rock

Time for a big treat. Life Outside is 4EverfreeBrony’s love letter to the fandom, and he’s brought a slew of guest vocalists along with him! BlackGryph0n, Luna Jax, Aviators, P1K, MEMJ0123, dBPony, MantaTsubasa and PrinceWhateverer all contribute a few lines each, and all fit the song’s positive tone with flying colors. The song starts out with the ambient noise of crowd chatter followed by 4EFB’s voice accompanied with soft piano chords before the chords repeat and quickly transition into an acoustic guitar riff.
We’re then subjected to a heavier segment with orchestral instruments and distorted guitars. BlackGryph0n leads the chorus with his soaring vocals and PrinceWhateverer sings on the bridge after the second chorus, while all the guests have a couple bars each during the verses, with the first three singing about Equestria, and the other half about some of the mane 6.
After all’s said and done, the song ends with a guitar solo and simmers down with some piano, a final vocal line from 4EFB and the sound of nature. This track is honestly one of the finest he’s ever produced, and honestly rivals PW’s own Solidarity. Our fandom can still produce emotional music, and this is a prime example!

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