ShobieShy – GOD (ST2) | Hip-Hop

The Brony Rap Hip-Hop scene has always been full of talent from the start. Expressing their love in the art of impressive pony rhymes. From a show that inspired this flow of love and friendship.

(Continued after the break)

The Pioneers of Brony hip hop knocked the door down from day one. Giving the brony music community another feather in its cap of an already diverse and growing music scene.

Names of legends like: Mic Da Microphone, Ibringdalulz, Rhyme Flow, GryphOn, Albatross, NexGen, Versal. Plus other skilled rappers that set the tone for the fandom back in the golden years. Brony hip hop simply blew up like a sonic rainboom. From that point on, bringing in rappers of all types. As the fandom grew so did the number of MC’s inspired more as the fandom grew and grew. Names like the following formed the current hip hop scene. Making a case that they were better than those before them., N. Hollow The WanderingKit, DaWillstanator, Acarcion, DoodledPony, Wootmaster, NickyD, Kozmos, Mystic Genesis, Ditherer, ZD, Pony Abstract, Equestrify and MC-Arch.

But there is one NAME. One brony rapper that is far past his due. That belongs in the front of this herd of Brony hip hop. Belongs in the presence of Canterlot elites. The song speaks more for itself as this man has something to say.

The man is named ShobieShy. His time is now. The song itself is him making a case for himself vs the rest of the brony herd. This man has it all in the skill of his lyrics. There is power, speed, talent, presence, style, venom, finesse and spirit in Shobies delivery. He reminds us all of the history of hip hop in the fandom. He respects it but wants to open some eyes, about all the hard work he has put into his craft. He savagely put legends in his crosshairs and takes his shots without hesitation. My oh my does this man have a voice and a point to prove. If you have not heard his work then go to his channel here.

Myself and my fellow colleagues here at Horse Music Herald, all agree that it’s time for ShobieShy to be one of the faces of the brony rap scene. If you are not sure about that by all means listen to this song and decide for yourself.

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