[Equinity] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the Neverlaststanding’s Original here)
You know my friend Whirly Tail is the kind of musician that seems to be full of surprises. Somehow he took a song like” Your Friend”. Then he found a way to remix it to be even happier for Equinity 01: Stellar. The original was full of light hearted feelings and energy of the fandom itself. Whirly then upped the tempo. Adds some deep pounding bass and what I like to call digital bongo’s. He slows the sound down in breaks then break backs into the energy of meaning “a true true friend indeed”. It’s a lovely remix that has all the feels of the original with his own brand of happiness and trust me HE’s a happy GUY!. I expect nothing less from a goof ball like Whirly Tail but guy with talent also. As always this Qilin asks you for judge for yourself.

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