Pinkamena Party – PONY DO ME | Compilation Album | Hardcore

Get ready for another lovely long play release by the notorious Pinkamena Party Crew! Released in celebration of this year’s Hearts and Hooves Day, this avid electronic collage contains 16 hardcore, gabber, and breakcore pieces. Jump right into it with the classic acidic gabber emotion of Dynamite Grizzly’s Genuine Pony Music. For flavors incorporating slightly more complex music theory, check out Pudding Vision by Neu KatalYst and 10 minutes is a long time by Facade of ages. For the addictive syncopations of the amen break along with a couple suggestive remarks, check out Enuna’s semi-serious track named Of Mares and Manchildren. Of course, an album of these stylistic themes wouldn’t be complete without some classic acid techno! For that aspect, listen to acid for twilight sparkle by aimaiiponyshitsu. In this album, Supersaw Hoover also reads a bittersweet goodbye to the Ponydome series in an ominous tone. And finally, Duskfall brings a wonderfully fitting close to the album with his sample-mangling song I WANNA BE WITH U. Once again, the PPC presents an electronic album fit for even the lightest electronic listeners. For the bigger fans of hardcore and breakcore, be careful, you might hurt yourself headbanging! And as always, proceeds from this album go to CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer.


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