Toby Macarony – I Wanted To Make You Smile | Hybrid Orchestral

Part of the Shenanigans album, I Wanted To Make You Smile… comes from the darker side of Toby Macarony’s musical production, in the same vein as I’ve Watched You. The piece’s main idea revolves around a piano and twisted Pinkie vocals from the Smile Song. It begins with storm sounds in order to set the tone from the very start, the beautiful sad piano melodies are powerful so as to emphasize on the gravity of whatever happened. The middle section goes even deeper in the dark as the melodies disappear, making way for ominous sound design and gravelly low-pitched vocals from the end of the Smile Song, giving them a monstrous feel. The song then ends how it started. Apart from the fact that we can feel something tragic happened, the song is very much open to interpretation. Are the dreadful events the magnitude of a lost cupcake, or the fruit of Pinkie Pie’s theoretical very dark side?

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