SCRATON – Powerhorse (Honesty) | Future Bass

NOTE: This was written by DrakeEmberHeart in conjunction with Blackened.

SCRATON is back again with the 4th track of this series of tunes themed to the the mane 6! Welcome to Honesty. Centred around Applejack, Powerhorse is fitting name for this track, seeing as she’s Equestria’s strongest earth pony. This song does something different with her character. The melody and beats seem to celebrate Applejack’s spirit, utilising an upbeat melody that is fitting of AJ’s strength and hard work. But there is something else. The soft female vocals which are a common theme in these tracks almost seem like Rarity sang them, particularly when “oh darling, please don’t go” pops up in the middle; reminding Applejack to not work so hard, to relax and come with her. The production is fantastic on how good and powerful this song’s honesty is.

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