Djohn Mema – The Moon Light (feat. SlightlyAmiss, Cyril The Wolf, and Sable Symphony) | Metalcore

Brony fandom. It’s time for some real talk. The music scene of this fandom has been full of rich and diverse music since the dawn of the golden age back in 2011. You have embraced anyone who has put forth their best effort. All the hard work, all the effort and talent poured into a musician’s passion. It’s time you give one Djohn Mema your attention. Brony heavy metal is more than just a few artists that you’ve known for a long time. Djohn has been around for some time. He’s known for being a great drummer and guitarist, but it’s not his only strength.
This track has to be the finest showing of him being a vocalist. The Moon Light why yes is another song about the conflict between Celestia and Nightmare Moon. Djohn has written a song that takes Luna’s rage, adds C4 and lets loose. He is joined by Cyril the Wolf on bass, Sable Symphony on lead guitar and mixing,  and SlightlyAmiss on acoustic and vox.

The raw emotion in the lyrics, details a pissed off, emotional and pleading princess luna calling down to Celestia. She lets out one thousand years of pent up anger and sorrow surfacing in one giant massive comet coming down hard!. The melodies and production are powerful, brutal and full of sorrow. All the elements of amazing heavy metal are present. The one thing stands out from this track is Djohn’s vocal performance. If wasn’t more clear on how talented he is as a front man. It’s his performance in this track. He channels Nightmare Moon’s anger like a pissed off banshee. But its his singing voice that is beautiful in the choirs. Rage turns into scornful beauty, as he channels Luna’s emotions of sorrow. The man can do more than just scream. The man can sing with passion and beauty.  This is brony heavy metal at its best, it’s the full package. It personally reminds me of Corey Taylor’s vocal style. It’s so good! But decide for yourself. This Qilin always will ask for you to judge for yourself and give this man his due.

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