SCRATON – Gemshard (Generosity) | Future Bass

NOTE: This post was written by both Blackened and Drake.

I got to hand it to SCRATON for his 5th track of mane six tributes. I don’t think a song has captured Rarity’s personality as well as this one has before! Right off the bat, this song hits you with a generous dose of classy style, starting off with a brief samba-inspired section before jumping into SCRATON’s usual electronic flair. Like the element of generosity herself, this song gives off an aura of beautiful showmanship and funk which honestly fits her character super well. The beat switches it up to where you can picture Rarity having a wonderfully good time dancing it up with fabulous style, but then we’re thrust into another change; an absolutely gorgeous drop with vocal samples that feel like they were meant for Rarity. Overall, this song does well to capture Rarity’s personality, even without words. Time for a party at the Carousel Boutique!

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