[ASOS] Ice Angel – Soarin’ | Psytrance

WOAH! What a hyper explosive track 6 of ASOS: Brownie done by Ice Angel!. A track about a stallion who frankly doesn’t get a lot of music made of him. This track about Soarin; is a hyperbolt about a wonderbolt. SO much fire and lightning in this track. Your picture Soarin’ flying with such power and speed as this track just keeps hitting you with uplifting powerful melodies and drops! To be quite honest the music here gives me such a great feeling from another uplifting track from the movie The Never ending story, The track is called Bastian’s happy flight. From start to finish, your love this track about the wonderbolts most powerful dude! You’ll get this and more from this album! As always this Qilin asks you judge for yourself

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