[ASOS] Chasing Dawn – Let You Go | Electropop

Oh man. Track 39 of ASOS: BrownieASOS: Brownie is a wholesome one. Chasing dawn goes deep with this one. He experiments with something new to his creativity. A heartfelt electropop song that vibes with tones and feeling of MLP itself. The lyrics could be about finding the show, the fandom. A close friend, a lover or a beloved family member. The music and melody itself has this underlying soft techno feels, that gets you into the loving soft tones of the track. The echo’s are a nice touch in the emotion of telling someone that made a difference in someone’s life and getting them past the rocky storms. Brownie is an album showing a little bit of everything this year so check it out!. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


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