[P@D] Age Of Vinyl & Hay Tea – Moonrise | Liquid Drum & Bass

Age of Vinyl and Hay Tea is the most iconic duo of the so-called “DnB gang”. When they join forces it is hard not to stop everything and admire in awe the formidable achievement of two musicians being in total control and mastery of their craft. This time they gave us Moonrise, available as part of P@D: Eternal. The intro of a liquid drum & bass song is highly important and here it is made up of some slick sampling followed by some bells on top of strings that appear again during the bridge. After this, the main part comes and we hear the insane reese bass that is found in most Age of Vinyl songs which has the ability to catch the listener’s psyche and put them in trance at once. Thereafter, divine arps perfect what had been built just before. That second drop finishes this magnificent song by including the immortal flutterchops. These two musicians proved themselves once more capable of making us experience some of the most intense feelings music can provide. We truly are blessed to have them.

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