Daniel Ingram – Welcome To The Show (Closer) (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Welcome to the show is simply one of the most beloved songs of The Equestria Girls side of MLP. It’s one of those songs that is in many of the fandom opinions. That came out in 2014-2015. The years some of Mr Ingrams best work released . It’s a song that really drives in the message of unity and friendship. Whirly Tail has taken it on himself to put his brand of hyper insanity into this remix. MY CELESTIA! Did he just inject something powerful into this song. It builds and drops over and over again. He took one of the most powerful moments of the movie, and revs up the bass and put his foot on the gas and JUST GOES!!!!. The main melody of the song is soo epic and high energy that you are jumping up and down cheering for mane 6 and sunset to KEEP GOING AND WIN!. The composition with mr ingrams melody just makes you feel so emotional with the song’s message but you want to mosh with your friends until you got nothing left. This track just hits with nitro and just goes so hard and is just so sweet. It’s really no shock that Whirly is talented with his work. He just made it on his very first appearance on the upcoming P@D: Ignite album, collabing with none other than John Kenza!. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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