Koron Korak – Twilight gets Help from Starlight | Soft Techno

With the pandemic going on in the world. Bronies are stuck at home. Some have little more time on their hands then others. That means bored bronies are making meme’s. More so Koron here is catching up on later seasons of FiM. He finishes season 6. A talented musician then does as bronies who are bored do. Make a meme with music! But why is it a meme? Koron brings you an infinite gif, (please see video LOL) . With this meme it has some nice elements to it. It has some very nice keyboard and synthesizing effects for a melody that reminds me of a soft techno theme. There are some catchy effects that will make you giggle a little. All of this for a meme about starlight using her multiplying spell , going with the rhythm of walking down stairs just because it’s funny and cute but why LOL Koron explains more in the video’s description about the inspiration for making this tune. Have a laugh. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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