Aaron Breeze – Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Jazz/Orchestral

The introduction that we’re all so familiar with has never sounded so musically inspiring! Pianist Aaron Breeze has taken the Friendship is Magic theme music and combined it with jazz and gospel influences to create a medley of sounds in celebration of season 9 of My Little Pony. What better way to show homage? This rendition of Daniel Ingram’s timeless song shows such a musical proficiency that it becomes hard to believe it started with improvisation. The piece commences with Breeze’s piano, which serves as the cornerstone of the arrangement, accompanied by the embellishments of strings and woodwinds. An electric bass and subtle strokes on a drum set slowly lead the piece into an outburst of soul and funk sounds. The arrangement ends with one face-melting orchestral chorus, and the sophisticated sound of Aaron’s jazziest playing. These types of creations were what YouTube was made for, check it out!


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