Steryotype – ’05 EP | Lo-fi

A month after his ’04 EP, Steryotype has released his second EP of the year, as well as the second EP from his Till ’10 EP Collection! Just like the last one, this EP consists of 10 lo-fi tracks with samples taken from old records, mostly from the 60s and 80s. While none of the tracks contain original lyrics, they utilise their samples in a unique fashion, some of which taking on a strong hip-hop influence. My personal favourite tracks are StuffStartinToHitDifferentNowadays, IStartedToCry, DoneWrong and You’veBlessedMeForever; Stuff features a chilled atmosphere while feeling naturally aged, serving as a grand way to open this collection, while the other three combine hip-hop drums with the prominent samples at a perfect balance. In times like these, you’re probably looking for something calm and chilled out. Why not spin this a few times?


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