Mane In Green – Firedance | Orchestral

Mane In Green’s works are interwoven and taken as a whole make up a unique piece of art. She only lets us get glimpses of the world she has created at once. We were able to learn about the spring rituals of the pegasi in Rituals And Dances Of The Pegasi featuring Koron Korak, but here we discover a new kind of ritual: the firedance. Usually inspired more heavily by European folk music, Mane In Green’s music ventures here in other parts of the world. However the experimentation doesn’t end here, as the tempo changes during the song, giving a sense of movement which would be reflected in the characters’ dance. Thankfully, it won’t be long until we hear more of Mane In Green’s music: keep your eyes peeled for her collab with Velvet R. Wings on the upcoming Ponies At Dawn Ignite album!

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