Yellow Tune & Exiark – Everfree Forest (feat. Melody Bird) (Yellow Tune Remix) | Hardstyle

Ready for a hard-hitting banger? Everfree Forest was originally a collab between 174UDSI (now Yellow Tune) and Exiark released in 2014. It still holds the title of being among the cream of the crop of the fandom’s hardstyle collection. In 2017 it came out on Ponies At Dawn Memories, but just got remixed by Yellow Tune. In this rework melody plays a lesser role, the emphasis being on sound design and energy instead. It hits overall harder than the original, from which little remains, aside from the structure, the vocal clips of Melody Bird and some sounds. The song begins with rainforest ambient noises, then the stirring super saws come in. The kick is central in hardstyle, and here he just nailed it, making for some serious headbanging material.

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