[P@D] Age Of Vinyl, Power Note & Tw3Lv3 – Beauty (feat. MC-Arch) | Melodic Dubstep

Keeping the P@D Ignite groove going. We have a firecracker of a track sitting at track 65 on the album. What happens when three DJ’s come together to put their very best arrangement skills together with their melodies and with one of the most emotional rappers? A track that will inspire you! The styles change with fluid motion. Each of the melodies fuels the words coming out of MC-Arch’s mouth. This song channels his character Real Feeler, but the messages of the track are clear and prefect. It’s incredibly fiery and full on inspirational feelings of fighting for a more beautiful and better world. Age Of Vinyl, Power Note and Tw3Lv3 are brilliant in their styles blending with such an amazing quality. What a track to get you to take on life! As always this Qilin asked you for judge for yourself and stay for the cute Flutter “Um’s”.

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