[P@D] Greyfade – Outcast | Future Garage

This next track will go right to your heart. 69. On P@D Ignite, we have something a bit more emotional and the feeling of being lost. Greyfade has made a track that tells of a brony trying to find his way in this fandom. The brony is him. Not every brony finds their circle right away; it’s not always friendship is magic. The Melody is hazy and uncertain but as the song goes on, it lightens up and more peaceful and curious melodies are brought in. You can indeed feel the anxiety of this track as the song goes on. Telling a story without words is nothing short of good musical storytelling. I believe that we have all felt like an outcast even in this fandom, but we find our way when you do meet your friends, and by the sounds of it Greyfade did. As always this Qilin asks you judge for yourself.

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