Nicolas Dominique – Dreamshaper | Album | Ambient/Chillout

Nicolas Dominique’s latest ambient album Dreamshaper has just hit the internet, and it features 13 tracks of spacey ambient goodness. Every track features beautiful soft synth pads that really capture the atmosphere of travelling through space and beautifully hypnotic dreamscapes no doubt crafted meticulously by the princess of the night. Being an ambient album, there’s a distinct lack of percussion save for a few moments here and there, although the geneva convention is broken tracks such as Space Walk and the album’s closer, The Worlds Upon Us, which feature catchy drum sequences while remaining atmospheric and trippy. Standout tracks are the title track, The Woolen Incident and the aforementioned Space Walk and The Worlds Upon Us. Linked above is a YouTube embed, so you can listen to a seamless stream of the whole album!

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