[ASOS] LaunchSix – Shrapnel | Riddim

(This Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Whirly Tail)

Woooo Hoooo, how about a slight break from my streak of Ponies at Dawn tracks to bring you this fully loaded of a zinger track of a banger from ASOS: Brownie. I’m not alone, I came with my buddy Whirly Tail to do something on his turf. Shrapnel is a such a hard and harsh track. As soon as you start this track, it’s go time. The fight is coming as you feel like you’re about enter a battle. The melody sets that mood until that first drop. The effects of police sirens with harsh and grungy mixing of beats and tones, really gives the sense of a war zone going on, and I really like the how the mixing creates unique elements that sound like a battle is going down. Fans of Fallout Equestra’s own BlackJack will find the song super enjoyable as it based off LaunchSix’s love for the character. But as I said, I did not come alone to this warzone, Whirly Tail! all yours my friend.

Whirly Tail: Thanks, Drake! Oh my GOSH does this track go off!! The intro just gets you primed, moving along to the beat, head bobbin’ away, and BAM, THOSE BASSES JUST TEAR YOU APART!! Don’t even get me STARTED ON THE SECOND DROP, MMM THOSE CLASSIC DISTORTED YOIS, LaunchSix REALLY knows how you get you absolutely RAILING!! mmmm, great job as always, buddy <333 And thank you Drake for working with me on this write-up! I look forward to more from LaunchSix, and I can’t wait for the next installment of ASOS

This was Drake and Whirly of HMH. We both hope you enjoy this track. As always, This Qilin and Whirly One. ask you to judge for yourself.

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