Flutter Bully – Party Problems (Dandelion Remix) | Electro House

(Listen to the Original Here from Flutter Bully )

People still make music about Yes yes they do! Sprinkle in some vocal chops, this remix is given a fresh makeover with some jumping Electro House flavor. Imagine Equestria being ruled by a party crazy Alicorn Berry Punch and you will get the theme of this remix by Dandelion. All the pinkie themes are still in the lyrics. What’s better is that there is a much smoother sounding track. Including some old school DJ scrubbing mixed in and the party energy beat amped up. Dandelion seems to know how to control the tempo of that energy to make this track shift from high to hyper beats. It’s a funny and suggestive track that I’m sure you will be dancing around with your plushy. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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