FilledSilhoutte – DAZZLED ’92 | Album | French House / Future Funk

The Girls Are Back In Town! Groove to The Siren Funk as you climb a Social Ladder with much Allure, to find That Magical Sensation of DAZZLED ’92, FilledSilhoutte’s highly anticipated album! It just dropped and it will make you razzle dazzle along the trio of singers, who take us under their spells once more. FilledSilhoutte totally aced this much nostalgic genre, sampling classic songs of old and crafting this whole album of pure bliss taking you straight to the Funk/Disco era when nothing else mattered than getting down saturday night at the Malibu club. There are bonus tracks as well if you download the album from Bandcamp, to extend the journey! Come on, the night is still young! You got the Fever!

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