Drummershy – Everfree Flower | Synth Rock

Drummershy is someone that needs zero introduction in this fandom. Drumming is his game. He has however bought something new to the table. With Everfree Flower, Drummershy brings the skill of his drums with a lesser known talent of his, Electronic Music. Synthesizing a mesmerizing rhythm to a theme of the mystery of the Everfree Forest. The pulsing effects of the beats create a feeling of a tension filled atmosphere. Mixing in some mysterious vocal chops for more effect. The track breaks into a full on gallop of pace with the combo of his rhythmic drumming. It feels like you are running through the forest looking for Zecora hut in desperation. He has a degree as an Audio Engineer. He utilizes the skill for his first ever original track of music. This fandom wants some new flavor that is dynamic. Drummershy is happy to bring it for this unique experimental piece of music. Something I’m pretty sure he can run with, and keep being more creative with this combo of percussions and electronic music. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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