[The Rest of Our Lives] Direct Current – Redshift (feat. Evdog) | Indie Electronica

Hot off the new compilation album The Rest of Our Lives, Direct Current and Evdog really plant one in the feels with Redshift. The sound design and ambiance in this track are incredible. The depth of the instrumental feels like it is coming from another dimension and time. The vocals are heavily processed to really give it a feel that feeling of being something beyond this world. Lyrically the vocals sing about great friendships and memories past and how that time lives on to strengthen us as we venture into the unknown of the future. Slowly paced to really savor the nostalgic emotion, you really get the opportunity to feel all the warm, uplifting, and even somber melodies that come from an incredibly well-crafted song.

All proceeds from The Rest of Our Lives album will go towards the Brony Thank You Fund, which is currently providing supplies to mask makers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Any contribution helps and the album is packed-full with incredible tunes and talent!

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