Power Note – Ascend EP | Hybrid Orchestral

Power Note’s latest EP Ascend has just hit the internet, and we’re treated to 4 unique tracks. While he’s primarily known for his escapades in the electronic subgenres, Ascend showcases his prowess in creating orchestral soundscapes. The first track, Ascend is a beautiful opener with ethereal choir-esque synths and a clock holding the track together before the powerful sound of orchestral drums joins in. A minute in, the drums bring a sense of energy to the table along with all the familiar elements to make something truly optimistic. Timeloop continues this sense of energy with its soft string and piano intro, before building up to a strong climax with some electronic drums, the two genres blending perfectly together. Power is the most emotional track on the whole EP, with the main melody being driven by a beautiful, tear-jerking choir before all the strings burst in. This track feels like the high point of a strong scenario, like a group of heroes finally reaching their destination and achieving their goals. Finally, Bliss – the closing track – brings everything to a satisfying end. Overall, this EP is a beautiful collection of orchestral pieces and sounds with a unique electronic flair, and I highly recommend you listen!

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