[P@D] Luck Rock & Friends – Do You Know | Pop Rock

Before I start this article, I want to say something very personal about Luck Rock. This song hits such a deep personal chord with me, as well as with the man with whom I am co-writing this, Makenshi. I have had the honor to know and watch Luck for the past four years in our local meetup group, watching him grow and achieve so much. As I write this, I would like the whole fandom to know something. I would not be writing for Horse Music Herald, or doing anything meaningful in this fandom if it were not for Luck Rock. He has inspired me, given me courage, sparked my creativity, and has been so incredibly kind by helping a guy who was lost in 2017 until I found this fandom. None of this would be possible without him just being the guy he is. And this song is his greatest achievement to date. So, let’s talk about that.

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Luck Rock’s greatest strength in my eyes has been his songwriting. He profoundly pulls you right into this song. Those lyrics are his story. His vocals tell that story if you listen to how he delivers them. The story is relatable to every brony who has come to this fandom because of the Magic of Friendship. The musical production is by far his best ever. Everything about it gives this song so much power! The marching drums of darker times, the mix of classic rock guitar for a shift of better times, the acoustic guitar symbolizing the journey of change after MLP comes into your life, the surge of positive energy with this light punk guitar and bass, and that keyboard at key times with his singing is spine tingling feels. So much emotion it touches. I can not stress the power of Luck’s singing, He gives a performance of his musical career. I cannot stress how deep these lyrics hit. This song reminds me of how much I have fought for back in darker times. Frankly, he is a big reason as to why I’m no longer there. This song tells about the friendships you made and fought for, as well as how those friends saved you when you hit rock bottom. Everything this song says makes me think of 2017 and how LuckRock speaks not only for himself, but for me and so many others.

However, I did not come here alone. The one and only Makenshi has a say in this, too. So, take it away, my friend, before I continue.

Start of Makenshi’s part
Thank you Drake! It’s so nice how we get to collab on this post, for a song that is very emotional for us both!
Do You Know is not only a masterpiece and token of talent and passion, it is also an expression of feelings, and it shines forth on the community with the light of the Magic of Friendship. One could say it represents what our community is all about: sharing the love, spreading the values that the show taught us, gathering in friendship, uniting in our common feelings for the show… It’s easy getting caught up in everything going on in the community every day and especially in the pony music scene, and I appreciate this reminder of why I’m here, this display of community love and brony spirit that feels like a fuzzy hug. Listening to Luck’s beautiful and charismatic vocals is making me melt, and the tender instrumental was made with the same love that got Luck to sing about those “important things” and the feelings that tie us together, no matter how far we live from each other. And then when you add everypony in the choir, contributing with the strength of their own feelings and convictions, and vocals resonating with the meaning about friendship that this song is spreading… You get an utterly emotional song that just makes me tear up everytime. My favorite from Ponies at Dawn Ignite, it’s a timeless expression of what truly matters, and we know that by re-listening to it, or thinking about Luck and everypony, we can feel that comfy atmosphere and those powerful emotions anytime, and nothing can take that away from us! This is the power of love, and the Magic of Friendship! Thank you Luck and everypony in the choir for making something worth more than words could express! I love you all so much everypony!
End of Makenshi’s part

Thank you, Luck. I am so happy for everything you have done for me, and what you have done for so many others in this fandom, and everything you fought and clawed for to get here. This song is your masterpiece. You have made something truly beautiful. I am so proud of you for making P@D: Ignite.

In closing, both of us would like to say that little creative uses Luck that you use of the Theme Song, as a part of your lyrics. Those mean the most. That is effective use of the very thing that saved your life too. So when you speak that last line: “….you’rrre..myyy…….friendddddds” You Luck Rock are the element of magic. With tears in our eyes. You belong with this track at 51 on Ponies at Dawn Ignite. As always, this Qilin and Makenshi ask you to judge for yourself, and stay for the friendship.

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