SoGreatandPowerful – On My Own (loophoof & Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Electro House

Firstly, if you haven’t downloaded The Rest of Our Lives then you are missing out! This charity album is filled with treasures of many kinds!

loophoof and Tw3Lv3 are a power combo as they build on a key section of SoGreatandPowerful’s original hit, particularly with the standout Applejack vocal chops. Tw3Lv3 brings a great, unique perspective to the track, adding electric guitars to an EDM track for loophoof to build around. His pure EDM sections are tight and add an incredible dynamic to the SGAP-centric sections as well as the trio-parts where Tw3Lv3’s guitars drive the energy. The entire combination is innovative and greater than the sum of the already top-tier parts!

Bonus credit to Osoch for his work mastering the track!

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