[P@D] PrinceWhateverer – Breaking Bonds 2020 (feat. P1K, NRG, VooDoo, Suskii & Lulz) | Metalcore

(Please be advised that this song contains adult language. You have been warned)
(Listen to the original Breaking Bonds Here)
This Article is a Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Luck Rock
From a musically technical standpoint, the original Breaking Bonds (back in 2012) was such a groundbreaking musical project for such a young fandom. Some could make the argument that it should have been left alone. Myself and my co-writer Luck Rock wondered how this song could be made better. Lucky for all of you. We are going to tell you why PrinceWhateverer, IBringdaLulz, and a group of 4 new cast members have done so for track 20 of P@D: Ignite. For those who don’t know, it’s about the season one episode “Griffon the Brush-Off.

(Continued after the break)

After the little call back to 2012 at the start, you are greeted with a much cleaner and harder guitar, bass and drum beat that hits with intense power and energy. With a track that talks about Gilda’s bad attitude, you’d want anger and rage personified to the highest degree; one of the staples of heavy metal. This brings me to Suskii the Changeling, one of the new musicians. Known for his talent as a producer, the man possesses a lesser-known ability of rage induced vocals, and I frankly did not know he had it in him! He is one half of the voice of Gilda and sure makes his presence known in the whole track. PrinceWhateverer’s main goal of this track was to show how much he has grown, and this remake of the track shows how reflective the fandom is today. The production of the track sounds much more powerful and polished, plus his vocals are amazing. As the voice of a pleading Pinkie Pie, his vocals echo the sound of bands like Trust Company in regards to delivery and emotion. How about the Hip-Hop side of things you ask? Lulz makes a most triumphant return to the brony music scene by reprising his role with a crisp and sizzling delivery of his lyrics. With the improved production, he sounds better than ever with more fire and excitement in the delivery of his rhymes. He voices the other members of The Mane 6, looking into the conflict between Dash, Gilda and Pinkie; goodness that does not disappoint!

However, before I get way too excited like a certain pink pony, I will tag in my partner, the one I personally sought out for this review. This pegasus is known for his vast knowledge of music. Luck, my friend, break down this track like you do my buddy. I tag you in.

Start of Luck Rock’s part
Thanks Drake. From one notorious fandom compilation to another, it is fitting for the 2020 version of this song to feature on Ponies at Dawn after having been a part of one of the most famous fandom CDs of all time, Balloon Party: 100% Feeble No Cheering.
From a mastering standpoint, Breaking Bonds 2020 has the warmth and depth familiar to PrinceWhateverer listeners, with the added spice of those elements that keep it from being a typical metal track. By utilizing several constantly interchanging voices, PW and friends make this song more exciting and keep the listener on their toes continuously. The synth motif throughout is much more present with the new mix and adds an ambience that you can feel throughout your body. The dubstep breaks are unique, and blend so well with the crunchy guitars that you’re too busy head banging to notice how difficult it is to pull off that kind of mash-up of styles. Almost exactly 8 years ago to the date, Breaking Bonds took talent across the musical spectrum in the fandom both in terms of talent and genres, and it is fantastic to see the same is true today with a new crew of talent!
End of Luck Rock’s part

Speaking of the crew. Rounding those out is Poni1Kenobi, Who sings the part of Rainbow Dash without a hitch! doing Mando ponys part with a breeze! Nothing lost there!.  Voodoo who steps in with there skills and brings those electronic melodies with that famous drop with there own version, a big step up there with more polished sound! . Lastly NRGpony screams in as the other half of Gilda to complement Suskii. For the more colorful bits of rage of the track. One of pure highlights of 20th album of Ponies At Dawn. As always, This Qilin and Luck Rock invite you to listen to Brony Music History and judge for yourself.

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