[P@D] Ryazan a.k.a lixound – Collective Memory | Melodic Drum & Bass

Ponies with a bit of Sci-Fi, eh? Alright, let’s roll with this shall we, Sir PonyToast? This song has such a gorgeous theme and composure to it. The melody tells this space-opera tale of Equestrians venturing into the mists of space. There are some epic layers to this track structure. The feeling you get is that Rainbow Dash has been given the task of leading the Equestrian Space corps, by order of Princess Twilight, to seek out other life and give them the magic of friendship. The exemplary structure of the track gives you this feeling of adventure. With its travelling drum beats, spacious sounding riffs and synths, and those vocal chops, wow! Track 48 of P@D: Ignite brings imagination to the space pony frontier. Now just how deep and intricate is this melody? For this, I point to a man that knows how these kinds of things tick. The Head of P@D and my colleague,  ExplodingPonyToast, do ya thing, mate.

EPT’s part: Thanks Drake. I was really excited to see a new pony track from Ryazan, as the infectious energy he pours into his tunes is always wonderful to listen to. He’s been busy making cool new tunes for rhythm games under the new alias lixound the last couple years, and this return to p@d includes plenty of the skills he’s honed over that time. With all the hallmarks I love in melodic drum & bass music, it’s definitely one of my favourite tracks from Ignite. The synth composition is memorable, unique and continues to add in depth throughout the track especially with the introduction of some killer vocal chops that make this track well worth a listen.

YOU heard it right from EPT mouth, high praise from the head of ponies at dawn. We both loved the creative of this track, For me personally it felt like epic video game soundtrack, The art by the way is awesome, it makes RD look like she is super enhanced pony! As always this Qilin and EPT ask you to judge for yourself, Live long and love ponies!

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