Whirly Tail – Thinking Out Loud (Cynifree Remix) | Psytrance

(Listen to Whirly Tail’s Original Here )

Folks, there is no one in this fandom – in my opinion – that captures atmospheric and environmental melodies like Cynifree! He puts on a darker, menacing but exciting tone to Whirly Tail’s emotional and fun “Thinking Out Loud” which, in its own right (being a trance song), is moody. Cynifree takes the first half with this sort of aggressive and confrontational composure while keeping Whirly’s original tone and flow. It gives you the feeling of eyes watching you the whole time while moving. After this drop and severe mood swing with a crunch, the song then turns in a much more combative, sinister vibe, and my goodness it really gets the blood rushing, so well done! This is a genre called “Forest Psy”, and I want to hear more! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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