[ETC] Srgt. Moon/Enuna – The Twilight Zone | Hardcore


Keeping with the theme of insanely bizarre compositions, Sergeant Moon\Enuna seems to have a thing for vocal chops in a lot of them! This one has a melody of what I like to think is distorted hip hop music with a haunting texture to it. Just like the show The Twilight Zone. No pun intended. This song goes into the mind of a crazy Twilight Sparkle. There is a flavor of distorted vocal chops in this track of well-known mainstream rapper Lil’ Jon manipulated to the point where it sounds like he is saying horse puns. Off-putting as that sounds, it’s strange but it works! The composer amps up as the track gets more insane. Even Twilight herself asks for more with the help of Pony.Ai. This track, like I said, may not be for everybody, but it’s certainly something that stands out about how bizarre in creative Corequestria Vol 1: Ponyville is. You must hear it for yourself. As always, this Qilin really wants you to judge for yourself!

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