BeatSpark – Hooves Upon Tartarus | Dubstep


In the midst of the nonexistent EDM festival season, BeatSpark decided to take a few pages out of Disciple’s playbook and make this nasty beast of a track. Seriously the distorted sub at the beginning, the build with those nice punchy (to the point my subs in my 4 inch monitors were producing so much power that I could feel it across my studio) kicks, that nasty predrop to the drop was just pure festival vibes. When it hits to that breakdown after that first drop and that soft saw wave melody came in, I audibly said, “Is it ending already? No way!” especially when everything faded out with the reverb tail. The second 8 bar predrop to the drop was surprising and seriously threw me off which I enjoyed quite well! BeatSpark is definitely one of the dubstep producers to keep an eye on for more bangers in the future!!


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