Equestrian Terror Corps – COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville | Compilation Album | Horror Hardcore / Breakcore

(Warning: The following album has strong adult language, and intense horror themes. you have been warned.)

This article was Co-written by Nevermourn and DrakeEmberHeart.

If you’re looking for something really out there, or if you’re feeling adventurous in the realm of the brony music community, then my partner for this article, Nevermourn, and I want to point you to Equestrian Terror Corps’s first compilation album, “COREQUESTRIA Vol 1: Ponyville”. From listening to this Album, it’s very different from a lot of electronic music out there in the fandom. The theme of this album is horror, chaotic and disturbing electronic music that tells the tale of a disorated Ponyville, plagued by these themes. You’ll find hardcore, rawstyle, speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, Spittercore and even some chiptune! The tracks themselves are full of some of the most interesting productions of music I’ve heard. The use of vocal chops and insanely fast, haunting and eerie-sounding elements are well done. The album will basically brainwash you into listening, as well as give you a sense of the bizarre! One of the most intriguing things is the recurring theme of various moments or episodes from the show and getting them twisted and turned for some of these tracks. It’s worth a listen. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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These four tracks really highlighted to me what this album brings to the table. They cover anywhere from dark to just really bizarre.

Sergeant Moon/Enuna – The Twilight Zone [Hardcore/Breakcore]

This track is like someone hooked Twilight up to an IV of energy drinks and gradually turned the dosage up as the track grew in intensity. The beats are like high octane as the track goes on and it just gets over the top insane with the use of vocal chops from, of all people, Lil’ John! Said vocal chops have been manipulated to sound like he is saying horse puns. And then there is a of Twilight asking for more! Very intresting track!

Nyancat380 – Ponvilley Amnesia [Breakcore]

Did I mention twisted and dark? The composition of this track is a hard and terrifying bass with vocal chops and use of the Pony.Ai that give you an experience of being thrown into a nuthouse and being put on heavy sedatives, all caused by the chaos going on in Ponyville. It’s a very wild and crazy ride, and if you catch it, there’s a cameo from Odyssey Eurobeat! Amazing and creative music making here. Nyancat380 seems to make a habit of this on the album.

–Enuna – Beat It Like a Dead Horse [Hardcore]

This has to be my favorite track on the album. Enuna’s use of vocal chops from the start mixes well with the use of the Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” and Pinkie’s “Wonderbolts Rap”! Laid with this blistering chaingun-like melody, words really cannot sell it to you, so give it a listen! There are all kinds or bizarre vocal chops and sounds, including one of RD encouraging it to get more crazy! The track is then put to end by a very salty Twilight!

PeKaNo/DJ Speeeedpek – The Castle Grows [Happy Hardcore/Chiptune]

A track that’s actually not over the top insane! Yes, this tracks takes a break from the album’s overall theme and brings you mix of hardcore and chiptune. Based on the theme of Twilight getting her castle of friendship, it has a really quick and uplifting melody and kinda tells the tale of her battle with Tirek and getting her castle at the second half of this track with awesome chiptune elements! It’s a nice change of pace from the other tracks.

You know what? I’m curious as to what my partner Nevermourn has to say about this album, with tracks of this kind of speed and craziness being a producer of D&B and the understanding of this kind of pace, buddy I pass this review to you about the technical aspects of this album.

Nevermourn’s Part:

Thanks for having me along Drake! This album is a very cool one indeed. There are a lot of regulars from Pinkamena Party and among the artists, and the experimentation that they typically do shines throughout this whole album. It’s not often that we get a full album of -core songs, and this is definitely top notch stuff in the various genres. There are a handful of songs that stuck out to me in various ways and I hope you give the following tracks a listen as well.

r_chase – Horses Together [Junglecore]

r_chase has been a consistent producer in the noise and experimental side of the fandom, and this track really brings out what he normally has to offer. Lots of breakbeat goodness chopped, mashed and rearranged in a delightful fashion really sets the tone of the song well. Pleasant guitar and some reverb washed vocals make this one a bit of a respite before diving headlong into the super fast album.
[8:41 PM]

-deførmed – TREE IS DEAD [Hardcore / Breaks]

TREE IS DEAD begins with a super intersting stereo synth section with a sparse breakbeat before getting into the main hardcore section that is accented by some screamed vocals. This one is incredibly bouncy and definitely makes you want to get up and dance. The break section brings back the same style from the intro but also throws in some psy flavor with a super bubbly bassline, before throwing you right back into the hardcore.

Spikey Wikey – Facts and Figures VIP [Speedcore]

Spikey Wikey is really good at producing a wide variety of styles and genres, and this VIP is a perfect example with the super fast speedcore section at the beginning and a super moody break section that comes to a head in a slower section filled with pitched distorted kicks and vocals from I Wasn’t Prepared for This. The journey you go on throughout this song is really worth the almost 6 minute track time. I can say that when I started listening to the song, I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

–Springbaka/r_chase – Calvinball 2 [Ponyville Mix] [Noise]

This song is a super interesting one for sure. The main drum feature here is a broken beat distorted kick with some other classic drum machine percussion. Layers and layers of distortion and other various effects combine together for a very chaotic mix and it’s fun to try and pick out each of the elements of the track while you’re listening to, and there are cool differences in the instrumentation of the 2 repeated section.

Myself and Nevermourn both agree that, the level of bizarre of this album is another level, it sure is something that is for sure. Its also a treat in its in own right due to the creative music making of this album. It’s not going to be for everyone, you however should check this out at lease once. There are more musicians featured Corequestria other then 8 tracks we highlighted!

Royal Pony, Dash, Cykada, KIKI./DJ BOWSER’S INSIDE STORY, BlipCapt, Acid Applejack, Venetin, Payyn/Gatekeeper,

As always, This Qilin and Nevermourn both invite you to insanity! and for you to judge for yourself!



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