MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work In Progress (LaunchSix Remix) | Dubstep

Part of the remix album (download link here, streaming link here) of MrMehster and Tw3Lv3‘s track Work In Progress from Equinity 02: Catalyst, LaunchSix provided his take on the banger that was the original. LaunchSix took the track he had been assigned to remix and translated directly it into his distinct style. The catchy lead melody from Tw3Lv3 is still here, but new voice lines of his own were added. This flip is also the opportunity for LaunchSix to keep showing off his remarkable sound design and his giant slap to the face of a snare. Keep your eyes peeled for his three tracks on the upcoming Equinity 03: Breach compilation album, dropping soon.


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