Jyc Row – Before the Infinite Eclipse (feat. Velvet R. Wings & Maria Grigoryeva) | Epic Orchestral

Jyc Row has proven once again that not only is he capable of writing outstanding music, but to tell captivating stories with it too. Before the Infinite Eclispe is the next installement in the Infinite Eclispe series. Most of the information about the story and links to all chapters are found in this document, essential to a proper understanding of the alternate universe crafted by the composer. This piece is a call back to what happened before and builds up to the next turning point in the series. It does so by using the themes of Sun of the Night and Night Queen, the movements belonging to each of the sisters’ tragic peripeteia, and the theme of Together, Against the Sisters. Jyc Row gathered the help of Maria Grigoryeva on the viola and plenty of fandom talents, including Velvet R. Wings‘ beautiful operatic voice and Wubcakes voice acting skills to create this piece not parsimonious in terms of goosebumps and leaving but thirsty for more.


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