MrMehster & Tw3lv3 – Work In Progress (Whirly Tail Remix) (feat. Venetin) | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the original here! And find this remix album here)


Yes, it’s one more of these, and oh! It’s a wild Whirly Tail! This remix is the literal definition of low to high octane. This gorgeous keyboard melody of the original bass line is so rich as it starts off this track courtesy of Venetin! Do you remember the original slammed you hard? WELL! Just let Whirly Tail’s controlled insanity and genius throw you into the wall! You are launched into an adventure, with some amazing hyper wubbly sinthetics and riffs. That keyboard is then combined with some heart-pounding bass and positively charged riffs that only Whirly’s happy hardcore obliges your presence with! These two then top this sundae off with an awesome electronic solo that is so emotional and exciting, and Whirly’s love for rock and roll speaks right there! If you left happy, Whirly and Venetin’s combined insanity and creativity has done its job! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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